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hope IS NOT a PLAN.  luck IS NOT a PROCESS.  wishing IS NOT PREPARING.

Life is about EFFORT…Intelligent Effort.  Responsible Effort.
Where is your TIME, ENERGY, MONEY, SKILLS, WORDS, and BEHAVIORS going and doing for you?
LIE= Your home is your biggest investment.
LIE= Your car is your second biggest investment.
TRUTH= Your biggest investment is in YOURSELF!  Your second biggest investment is with whom you SURROUND YOURSELF, YOUR WORDS AND YOUR BEHAVIORS.
Your home is security, but if you put more TIME, ENERGY, AND MONEY in your home than you do yourself, your skills, your words and your behaviors then what does that say about yourself and what does that tell others about whom you are?
Your car is a necessary depreciating asset.  You should not be investing in a depreciating asset, you should be investing in an ASCENDING asset…YOU! 
You should be doing everything to increase your value because you are the moneymaker.  If something happens to you then who cares about your home or your car…they become worthless to you if you are not taking care of yourself personally and professionally.
Where is your effort going…in your health, your career, your personal development, your relationships, your education, your hobbies, your interests and what example are you setting for others?
Of course it’s good to invest your money in things that make money, but ALWAYS INVEST IN YOURSELF FIRST!
Invest with whom you surround yourself as your well-being depends upon it.  Stress is a killer and if you are surrounding yourself with or attracting drama or stress then that is only hurting you, never helping you.
You should protect what you have, your car, your home, but especially yourself!
You must set rules, boundaries, and limitations with others and for yourself. Sometimes you have to cut people out of your life.  Sometimes you have to have an honest conversation with yourself and others to make sure you are looking out for yourself first, not selfishly, but SENSIBLY.
Sacrificing yourself for others or other things to the point of self-hurt or self-harm is not honoring yourself nor taking care of yourself. We have been taught to “sacrifice” ourselves for the “greater good,” but what good can it do when we do not invest SENSIBLY in ourselves first?
If you want to be the best INDIVIDUAL you can be then start investing the time, energy and money in yourself that shows your value…Intelligent Effort.  Responsible Effort.
“I’LL TRY” is usually worthless, non-caring and a non-committal stance, unless you add to it stating a promise of behavior.  Either you will or you will not.  Either you do or you do not.  Either you can or you cannot.  You can try food or drink or clothes or an experiment, but “TRYING” in life is usually not good enough...it’s an excuse set up for failure…much like saying I’M SORRY is an excuse for irresponsible half-hearted words or behavior.
Instead of “I’LL TRY,” how about, “Here’s are my plans, here is what I want, here’s what I need, here’s what I will do to make it happen, let’s do it or to use backup plans if necessary.  You can rarely rely on I’ll Try!
For instance, “I’ll try to be there by 2pm, but if not I will definitely be there by three…is there anything you want me to get or bring?”  “I’ll try to send it to you by noon, but if not then I will do it by the end of the day!”  “I’ll try ‘it’ this way and if that doesn’t work then I will do ‘it’ this way instead, either way, I will do ‘it’ or make another plan to substitute so I can get the best possible outcome for now and for later.”  
Instead of “I’M SORRY,” how about, “It’s my fault, my responsibility, my bad and I will correct it and never do it or allow it to happen again…this is on ME or “how can I help” or “that sucks…what can I do?”!
People say “I’M SORRY” for no good reasons!  They either “TRY” to extend sympathy for a situation they had no place in or they say it to make themselves “feel better” and to “excuse” themselves for wrongdoing.  
Saying “I’M SORRY” rarely does anything of real value for the other person having to listen to it…it doesn’t remedy anything!  Saying “I’LL TRY” in life rarelydoes anything of value either.  They are both usually bad excuses for irresponsibility, laziness, a bad plan/no plan, or just plain not caring.
“THAT’S JUST THE WAY LIFE IS”…IS ALSO A LOAD OF CRAP! Life…our life, our world, our experience and what we settle for in life is the way it is because of what we choose to accept. 
If we accept the lies, the “I’m trying,” the “I’m sorry,” the corruption, the denials, the blame game, the willful ignorance, the political correctness, the victimization, the emotional attachments and the nonsense then yes, “THAT’S JUST THE WAY LIFE IS” will be.
Ignorance is B.L.I.S.S (BULLSHIT, LIES, INSANITY, STUPIDITY and SELFISHNESS) and we have a choice to accept the ignorance or we can do and be our best to pass down our best so our children can strive for their best.
WE ARE ALL WORTHY of self-investment, support, and getting help as we make our way through life.
Those who love, care and want the best for you know that investing in yourself is the best thing you could ever do.  Your life is the result of how you have invested in yourself.  Your house and your car should not RE-PRESENT you.
YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PRESENT YOURSELF, not to “re-present” yourself nor let anything nor anyone else “re-present” you…and you can do that only by investing healthy, intelligent, responsibly and well in yourself.
We can all do better than I’m Sorry and I’ll Try…those are not true investments!
Put the quality effort you need into yourself so you can sensibly do the best for yourself!

Because Life's More Fun when You Win and Do Well so Better Your Day With Doug!
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